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Opening Day!!!

Today is the BIG day....we are officially open!! This idea of opening a Christmas store in honor of my mom has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Some of my favorite memories of us together are surrounded by this time of year. From decorating the tree together (with dad playing our photographer) to after Christmas shopping. We LOVED the day after Christmas! We would make our game plan the day before, get up EARLY, and head out the door. The hunt of a great bargain was such a thrill...and we were really good at this game! There were many a time that we had to come home to unload before heading right back out the door! Poor dad!

Mom would have loved working this store with me. And even though that gives me a tinge of sadness in my heart, the joy of knowing how big her smile would be to see this place come to life is bigger than anything else. I feel a peace and joy that I haven't felt since she passed. This is still OUR thing and I hope to do her proud.

I look forward to sharing some stories about our lives and how we celebrate holidays with you. For you see, this is not just a Christmas store. It is a holiday store and it will now be OUR store together. A year long way to make memories with your family and with each other here in this special place! In our home, almost every decoration could tell a story! We added a "wine collection" because what better way is there to laugh and reminisce about those stories than over a good bottle of red! Leave a comment below about one of your favorite Christmas memories with your mom and/or your family so that we can get to know each other.

Thank you for stopping by on our grand opening day! I would like to leave you today with a picture of our namesake...Judy! She was so special. A beautiful soul with such compassion and love in her heart. Most definitely a one of a kind woman who I am so proud to call my mom! This store is for you Mom, I love you!

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