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Every ornament has a story to tell...

This is something you hear often around here as I really believe it to be true if you pick your pieces carefully - which means different things to different people. We have always been the kind of family who didn't have that perfectly curated tree that is not to be touched by children. We had that "lived in" kind of tree. The one with all different types of ornaments and usually multi colored lights to create the look.

We have handmade items, bought items, and even had an ornament made from paperclips! We have many family traditions surrounding Christmas time--some which may have to go to my grave with me, haha! Don't worry Dad! The one I wanted to tell you about today is that we started buying my Dad a special ornament - picked out just for him. It started out as that typical "best dad" kind of thing. But somewhere along the kind of took on a mind of its own! This has led to us having a really odd little tree if you look carefully - a tree "only a mother could love" so to speak!

However, these ornaments tend to bring the most laughter, joy, and conversations among us every year. So, I wanted to share a few of them with you!

But honestly, the pride of our tree is this ol' gal! Not sure what she really has to do with Christmas and she has definitely seen better days! But we love her all the same and smile SOO big when she gets put on the tree! (She is a now earless rabbit, poor thing)

Whether you have a crazy looking tree like ours or a beautiful tree ready for its photo shoot, I hope you enjoy decorating it every year just as much as we do over here! This is the big week my friends. Enjoy your family and your friends on Christmas Day - even if over Zoom this year. And remember, Covid didn't cancel Christmas for our Lord is bigger than this. He sent Jesus to us on this day and it is a day to celebrate! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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