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Look for new Collections to be added in 2021 - St. Patricks Day and Fourth of July!


Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and cupid is hard at work!  Check out this collection to add to your ambiance on Valentine's Day.  We are always looking for new unique items to add so check back often!


Wine/Bar Décor

With the Texas Hill Country rivaling Napa Valley for the best wine varietals in the country, a Wine Collection was a must for us!  This is a growing collection as we find very unique décor to add that special touch to your home while celebrating life with friends and family with a good bottle of wine!



Mom may have come alive at Christmas, but Easter was a VERY close second for her!  Are there every too many bunnies in a home at Easter?!  Most of our inventory arrives early 2021 so be sure to come back soon for more selections; however, there are some good finds now.  Check it out!



A good candle can just set the mood or bring back a memory instantly with a certain scent.  With this collection, we are focusing on hand poured 100% soy candles being made by small business owners in the country.  These are items you won't be able to pick up just anywhere and we are constantly adding to the selection.  So, what are you waiting for, check it out!


TX Décor

Are you really a Texan if you don't boast about it with home décor?!  This store's namesake may have started out in TN, but she loved Texas!  We are very excited to find unique items to add to this collection so that we can all show that Texas pride!



Our namesake collection is full of fun and whimsy to put the magic of Christmas in the air.  You will find ornaments, figurines and kitchen décor to help your family get into the spirit of the season.  We are always adding to this collection so make this site a frequent stop!



Its time for the ghosts, pumpkins, and skeletons to take over the home!  We have some unique finds in this collection and will be adding more very soon.  Don't be scared, go ahead and enter....at your own risk!  BOO!


Thanksgiving/Fall Harvest

The pumpkins may get to stay, but its time to swap ghosts and goblins for turkeys and pilgrims!  Think of this collection as your place to find adorable fall animals and kitchen décor to add beauty to your home as you gather with grateful hearts.  More items being added soon!


Sports Décor

Whether you like sports or just like to throw a good Super Bowl party, this collection is for you!  The selections here will add a little special touch to those half time snacks.  Additional items coming soon to add more variety to each sports season!

Thank you for coming to our page and viewing the collections.  We hope you saw something that triggered a beautiful memory!  If there are items that you would like to see, let us know.