All About Judy's Christmas Shoppe

Where we make holidays magical all year long!

Judy's Christmas Shoppe was born to pay special homage to my beautiful mom, Judy.  You see, she was a special person, a VERY special person!  She ensured that every holiday was magical in our household.

But....Christmas was different.  She became ALIVE during the Christmas season.  You could smell it in the air and feel it in your bones when Christmas was getting near.  She was Santa's special elf and God's most precious angel all rolled into one!  There was nothing that didn't feel special at Christmas time.  And even more fun than opening presents on Christmas morning was seeing that SMILE on her face to hand out the presents!

My lovely mom has passed from this world.  Her soul was just too beautiful and she needed to go home.  She now lives with joy in her heart and I do too now that I have this store.  My mom and I made an EVENT at shopping for Christmas decorations and there was never a holiday store passed up on our adventures!   This store makes my heart smile and reminds me of her glowing face on Christmas morning!  I am so very happy to provide new memories for families with my products.  I wish much joy and happiness to you and your family on every holiday season to come.....and most especially at Christmas Time!

I love you mom..and Merry Christmas!

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